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Learning. Knowledge. Insight. Success.

These are the words that not only drive the creation of our education and training programs, they describe the powerful results customers can achieve with the help of Quest For Knowledge. 

Integrate Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL … with Kimball Star Schemas

Our training program is the perfect contemporary blend of proven Kimball data warehousing techniques and exploring new approaches in Big Data & Analytics with Mike Ferguson.

We maintain the full Kimball course portfolio, previously taught by Kimball University, in co-operation with its former partner and co-author of Ralph Kimball’s best-selling Data Warehouse books, Joy Mundy,

But we also monitor present and future developments in Analytics. With the two-day course Integrating Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL and Spark in the Analytics Environment featuring Mike Ferguson we deliver an ideal starting point for organisations exploring new analytical opportunities.

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Integrating Big Data, Hadoop, NoSQL and Spark in the Analytics Environment


This two day course is aimed at getting Data Scientists, Data Warehousing and BI professionals up to scratch on Big Data, Hadoop, other NoSQL DBMSs and Multi-Platform Analytics. 

What is Big Data? How can you make use of it? How does it fit within a traditional analytical environment? All of these questions are addressed in this knowledge packed course.

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